How to enjoy, not just endure, your summer

My childhood summers were blissful. We spent hours splashing in the pool, playing kickball in the neighbor’s backyard, riding our bikes, and playing hide and seek at dusk. We planned epic zip lines and designed treehouses worthy of a future HGTV show. We dreamed of the days we could drive ourselves to the Dairy Queen. We played Clue and Monopoly when it rained. If I sound nostalgic, it’s because I am.

A few years ago I began to dread summer. I began to see that my son’s childhood summers would not be exactly like mine. And while that is ok, it can also be hard. I want to pick strawberries. He wants to play computer games. I want to take long walks in the woods. He wants to watch movies.

Can you relate?

Summer can be a long string of days we simply endure. It can be an emotional mess of forcing our own agenda, arguing with our kids, and battling guilt. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Have you ever found yourself counting the days until school starts? Have you desired easy-breezy days and faced the reality of struggle and tension?

If so, I’d love to help. I don’t promise utopia, but I do promise a plan to help you set realistic expectations. I promise if you stick to your plan, you will experience more joy and fewer disappointments. Sound good to you?

What if I told you I could walk you through a 5-step guide to help even the most jaded and exhausted parents plan a meaningful, fun, and peaceful summer?

What if told you it would cost less than a sweet tea at McDonald’s?

Get The Ultimate Guide to Summer for $1.99Grab your guide here

Re-claim June, July, and August as you:

– Discover your family truths

– Identify your have-to schedule

– Determine your priorities

– Plan the fun

– Create and gather resources

Plus, you’ll receive 2 Bonus resources. And if you’re an autism mom, I have special features just for you!

Together, let’s make this summer awesome!


New here? Glad you made it! I write about my unique joys and challenges as Mom to Henry, a smart, tender, quick­-witted, train-loving, autistic 10-­year­-old with an infectious smile. I long to encourage autism parents and empower all to see inclusivity doesn’t have to be difficult - it can be beautiful. Like what you see? Sign up here to receive news and occasional freebies just for insiders.

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