7 things I learned this spring

1. Chairs matter.  I’ve always wanted to love our screened porch, but this year I actually do. In the last month I’ve spent more hours out there in our new chairs than all the hours of the last 4 years combined. (Well, maybe that’s a stretch, but it’s a lot.)

2. I’m really, truly done with paper calendars. In January I bought a Passion Planner and thought I would organize all my personal goals and work tasks in it this year. I haven’t. I’m still a Google calendar + paper notebook person. What I do love is the front matter of the Passion Planner, so I plan to continue using the goal planning concepts. (It’s a beautiful planner, if you’re a paper calendar person!)

3. I can’t quit pizza. I just can’t. For all my foodie interests, I will never say no to pizza. (Except I will always say no to bowling alley pizza.) It’s my favorite food group, amen.

4. I’m still finding my voice. If my blog is feeling is a bit awkward these days, it’s because I’m in a period of transition with my personal and work goals, and I’m struggggling to find the right tone in my writing. Thank you for continuing to walk with me in this journey. You are my people.

5. Hummingbirds chirp! I had no idea. Did you? I heard them as they were dancing around my petunias.

6. I shouldn’t be surprised when old scars hurt. What I once grieved can still sting for a flicker of a moment. It’s ok to feel the sting and move on. It doesn’t mean I’m not a good mother.

In the early days, every trip to the park and pick-up from the nursery is an opportunity to be reminded that your children don’t do paintings, get invited to parties, or ride scooters. The sheer volume of things to grieve for can seem overwhelming. But as time goes on, these punch-in-the-stomach moments do become less frequent and, in our experience, less potent.

-Andrew and Rachel Wilson, The Life We Never Expected

7. When self-care goes beyond my usual routine, it’s still a bit uncomfortable for me. I learned this lesson on more than one occasion this spring and wrote about one of them. 

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