Favorite Games of 2018

We love family game time. It’s a low-stress and inexpensive way to spend time together for any family, and I am asked often for our favorites. I hope this list will help you find something new to try this Christmas!

Favorite Games of 2018

1. Ticket to Ride (8-12 years) Adults love this game too! Just know this isn’t a fast game and you need about an hour.

2. Uno / Uno Attack (7+) Everyone knows Uno, but have you tried Uno Attack?

3. Rummikub (8+) Like a card game except on tiles.

4. Rush Hour (8+) I resisted buying this game for fear it would frustrate Henry, but he received it from friends for his birthday, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. His brain is perfectly wired for this kind of problem solving. (My brain, not as much.)

5. Hang On Harvey (6+) A silly and fun game that brings out the giggles! I think kids even younger would probably get the hang of it.

6. Sleeping Queens (8+) This game is even fun for kids much younger. We began playing this game when Henry was 5 or 6, and we still play it today! So fun and creative and also a great way to learn basic addition and subtraction.

7. Bugs in the Kitchen (6+) This game is a little pricey, but it’s understandable since it comes with a Hexbug nano. This game is made by Ravensburger, manufacturer of excellent puzzles.

9. Bop-It (8+) Henry loves this game much more than I expected. Think of the old game called Simon, except with fun movement instead of pressing colorful buttons.

10. Gravity Maze (8+) This is a new favorite. There’s also a laser version.

And up next… we’re going to try Not Parent Approved, an award-winning card game for kids. Stay tuned! I hear Santa is bringing this.


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