Back to School

The coronavirus is far from over, but most children are returning to school and other activities. A refrain I’ve heard from parents is that the pandemic forced them to re-evaluate their priorities and how they want to spend their time.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe your life before was frantic and chaotic and you don’t want to return to that pace.

So how do meet everyone’s needs, manage the household tasks, and still keep your chill?

I bet you want to talk practical strategy.


Before you think about the nitty-gritty, you need to get clear on the basics.

• What are your family values?

• What will you prioritize, based on those values?

• If you say yes to ___, then what gets a no?

If you want to keep the mental health of everyone in your house in tact, you have to ask these questions first. Without knowing your WHY, before you know it you will be saying yes to everything and frantic once again.

Check out a few examples of these questions playing out in real life:

  • If you value rest, what activities will you prioritize?
  • If you prioritize Scouts, so you de-prioritize sports? If so, does that last forever or for this season?
  • If you say yes to eating supper on the fly, what gets the no? If you meal plan on Sunday, what gets the no?

Only when you know the answers to your core questions can you get to the uber-practical, like when to do laundry or how to organize your bills.

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