I long to encourage special needs parents on their journey and empower others to see inclusivity doesn’t have to be difficult – it can be beautiful. Interested in working with me? Awesome! Please fill out this simple form and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

I consult one-on-one and in small groups on the following issues for daycares, preschools, schools, and communities of faith.

  • Making your space more accessible
  • Autism 101: Understanding the children in your care
  • Empathy training for neurotypical children

I am also pleased to speak on the following topics to mom groups, women’s ministries, and special needs parents. If you have other ideas, please feel free to explain those on the request form; we will try to work something out!

  • Autism Advocacy: The Dream I Didn’t Know I Had
  • Self-Care for “Special” Moms
  • From Grief to Grace: Embracing the Gift of Your Child

Why hire me?

I’m more than an experienced mom! I’m also an active advocate.
I take initiative with gentleness and respect.
I have excellent communication skills. I obtained a Master’s degree from Clemson University and have spent the last 11 years teaching academic research and writing (English 101) at North Carolina State University.
I have attended many workshops and trainings, including:

  • TEACCH Kindergarten Prep, Structured Teaching, and Parents Toolbox workshops
  • Individualized parent-child training at TEACCH
  • Back-to-school parenting workshop at Emerge, provider of private pediatric occupational and speech therapies
  • “Conference on Autism and Aspergers Syndrome” with keynote speakers Dr. Jed Baker and Dr. Temple Grandin
  • “IEPs and the Common Core,” presented by the Director of NC Exceptional Children Division, hosted by the CIDD
  • Autism Society of North Carolina Annual Conference
  • Wrightslaw: Special Education Law and Advocacy

Meredith Dangel advocates for children with special needs with a passionate intimacy rooted in experience, a clarity of expression grounded in knowledge, and a soothing gentleness received by heart-worn parents as a healing balm.”

Rev. Mitzi Johnson
Director of Programing
Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center


Meredith has eagerly and passionately done empathy training in all of our Sunday school classes (2 year olds through 5th graders), in which she taught kids what it might feel like to experience life if you are created just a little differently.

She also crafted visual schedules for all of our classrooms so that the kids could follow along visually with what comes next and anticipate the day.

In addition, she has created a beautiful, peaceful sensory room for our children who need a place for respite.

Meredith has one of the most beautiful and giving hearts of anyone I have ever encountered and works tirelessly to make the world a better place.

Melissa Miller, Director of Children and Family Ministries at University United Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, NC